Protecting the Art of Handmade

We live in a fast-changing world. Everyday objects that skilled artisans would spend hours pouring their hearts and expertise into are at risk of being lost to the ages, replaced by things that are easy, quick, and cheap to make. It truly feels this way, doesn’t it? And in many ways and for many communities around the world, this may be true.

However, when one really looks into the handicraft industry, the reality is quite inspiring. Small scale industries and the handmade sector plays a huge role in the economy of developing countries. In fact, the artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world behind agriculture.

Much of these artisans are women, and the salaries generated from their businesses are reinvested in their families and their communities. For example, with the income generated by an artisan, they are able to support other local businesses, send their children to school, and afford healthcare for themselves and their families. A pretty powerful chain reaction, right?

At Little Oasis Showroom, we believe in the power of handmade. The global handicraft sector already has such a powerful impact on communities around the world, but we believe this impact can be multiplied if we partner with these talented artisans who wish to bring their goods to the global market.

In Morocco, we partnered with weavers at rural rug cooperatives to bring beautiful, traditional styles of Moroccan rugs to you! Our intention is to do what we love most— travel the world and search for beautiful handmade products. Where are we off to next? That’s a secret! But one we will be sharing with you very, very soon!


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