The power of handmade.

    Around the world for hundreds of years, our ancestors have meticulously handed down cultural expressions and traditional methods of craftsmanship. In our fast-paced and quickly-changing modern world, it’s more important than ever to preserve these traditions, as they provide lucrative income to families all over the developing world. The ONE Campaign estimates that the world’s largest employer behind agriculture is the artisanal sector. This means that millions and millions of people rely on their traditional handicrafts to sustain their and their families’ livelihoods. That’s worth protecting, right? We think so, too.

    Handmade means that precious time and energy was poured into making something that should last a lifetime. It means you’re getting something unique, with the type of little imperfections that make something truly beautiful. Handmade is an investment, not only in the product itself, but in invaluable cultural knowledge and the people who have carefully upheld the integrity of the craft. When we say “made with love”— we mean it.